New Earth necklaces/bracelets by AdaTavi:
New Earth jewellery is created as a reminder of Dolores Cannons notion of the New Earth, implying a new era for the earth and for all living beings on this beautiful planet. 
The "New Earth," as described by Dolores Cannon, is a higher-dimensional reality where humanity experiences elevated consciousness, peace, and harmony. It represents a spiritual shift from the current, conflict-ridden world to a more enlightened and harmonious existence.
As a partitioner of quantum healing hypnosis method, I connect to and channel these new incoming energies, fostering a new vision of the New Earth. I see my role in facilitating and anchoring these special frequencies that come trough by creating the jewellery. 
These necklaces/bracelets can be looked at as reminders, portals to connect with these specific energies and to be able to implement them in our current lives, carrying them trough the day. They also facilitate downloads from higher dimensions that are necessary at this time for the awakening of people on Earth. 
Frequency jewellery are items with a meaning and a purpose. Similarly to the purpose of sacred sites and places that cover Gaia’s body, acting as portals and connections to invisible planes, the frequency jewellery can be used as a reminder, activating and facilitating spiritual downloads.
In recent QHHT sessions important informations about the New Earth came trough. The future joins the past and it is all about remembering, as what is yet to came, was once present here, long time ago. We will have access to a heightened states of consciousness, an enhanced perception of colour, the veil between the worlds will be thinner. We will all have access to instant manifestation, connecting to the creator’s mind in the 8th dimension. We’ll be able to choose the quality of life and the reality we want to manifest as sovereign beings. We’ll live in unity consciousness as a great human family, in symbiosis with Mother Earth, Father sky. We’ll be very connected to elements in general, but especially to water and to water beings.
We are all in a transition at this moment between the  new and the old world, striving to achieve unity consciousness but having still the constraints of a capitalistic society. The caterpillar is a perfect example of this transitional state where we have not reached the destination, nor can we see very far how and when the transition/transformation will take place. The caterpillar is present in the collection by the use of sequins which visually reminds of its form.
The rather chaotic structure of the necklaces is a reminder of for something new to tale place, there is a need for disintegration first, similar to the process of the caterpillar when it goes into pupal state. Nevertheless it is not a complete chaos as there are patterns and colours still holding the structure together. 
Short affirmations, like Haikus are assigned to each of the necklaces, inviting the wearer to use them as they use the item. A special energy, frequency is so invited in this way to follow her or him throughout the day in being this way embodied by the wearer.
The jewellery collection is designed to be unisex.
The meaning of colours: 
A black rainbow, as a bridge to other realities that are still hidden behind the veil. Accessing these dimensions, helps us gain a greater understanding about ourselves, as human beings and our role in this universe, as well as about the univers itself, a virtual reality. In connecting to the rainbow realm, we connect as well to the fabric of reality, and we can facilitate downloads, leading to a more awakened state. We are reminded of the magic of life, limitless possibilities and the preciousness of the lived experience in the here and now. 
The green and blue hues, alongside wooden beads and pearls, symbolise Earth's lush flora and fauna and the vast bodies of water that envelop her. These elements together reflect the richness and beauty of our planet, celebrating the harmonious balance of land and sea. 
Pink hues are a declaration of love for our home planet, describing frequencies that attune to her heartbeat. 
Violet and ethereal hues are a reminder of subtile energies that are available at this time at the dawn of the “ascension” process.  These can be received as masculine energy that helps us center and starts to dance with the feminine energies as they enter in harmony. 
White and golden hues are about the light refections, the magic and the unbound possibilities that open up when we stay open.
Affirmation: I connect to the rainbow realm, embracing the void and the wisdom within, and I so bring magic into my life.
Affirmation: As I connect to the rising sun rising over Gaia's seas, I am reminded of my own boundless possibilities.
Affirmation: My inner power stems from my connection to my higher self, and my nurishing parents: Mother Earth and Father Sun. I act from this sacred place.
This collection will be soon available at the renown sustainable fashion Wertvoll Berlin store and on our website
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