Quantum Healing Practitioner and intuitive Coach
I'm Andreea, and I like to see my journey as a beautiful faceted diamond of experiences that have shaped me into who I am today.
My transformative journey began six years ago, unveiling childhood traumas that, in turn, became stepping stones toward personal growth.
As an empath wrestling with adversity, I've learned to transmute my flaws and traumas into alchemical gifts. Since 2020, I've immersed myself in the realms of hypnosis, studying and practicing the method of Dolores Cannon, known as QHHT. It has become my compass for in-depth exploration, allowing me to tap into the profound layers of the subconscious mind, the guidance of the higher self and even into the collective subconscious mind.
Additionally, my fascination with sacred sites led me to create a new method called remote hypnosis. Through this, I guide travelers to sacred sites worldwide, unraveling truths and sharing the magic of the subconscious mind. (
In my current role, I leverage my extensive expertise and knowledge to assist clients on their transformative journeys. I approach each interaction with empathy and a non-judgmental mindset, creating a safe space for exploration.
Drawing on a deep understanding of past experiences, I guide clients in unraveling the roots of trauma and emotional barriers. This process lays the foundation for profound healing, empowering individuals to unlock their hidden potential.
Being part of this transformative journey is a true honour, and I am dedicated to helping others navigate the depths of their subconscious. Together, we work to unravel personal stories and embark on a healing process that fosters growth and well-being.
Thank you!
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