How can Quantum Healing benefit you?
Embarking on a Quantum Healing journey offers a multitude of advantages tailored to your holistic well-being. This transformative experience serves as a potent tool, unraveling behavioral patterns rooted in past traumatic events, intricately stored in your subconscious mind. 
A Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session becomes a catalyst for breaking the cycle and liberating long-held emotions. You hold the reins in formulating questions during the session, addressing a spectrum of challenges—from physical symptoms and relationship dynamics to emotional blockages, fears, and career dilemmas. 
This unique healing experience empowers you with profound insights into your emotional, physical, and spiritual self. Through this empowerment, you gain the keys to emotional freedom, fostering a self-healing journey facilitated by your higher self.
How does the healing unfold?
The magic lies in the quantum/subatomic realm, where the energy shift occurs, utilizing your life force for internal healing. Inspired by Dolores Cannon's vision, the exploration of past lives serves as a pathway to uncover lessons meant for your growth. Ailments from past lives often manifest in your current existence.
By delving into the root causes, solutions emerge into your conscious awareness, and the shackles of stagnant emotions are finally set free. It's crucial to understand that as a practitioner, I don't heal you; instead, I serve as a guide, supporting you on your journey towards self-healing, orchestrated by the wisdom of your higher self.
What is the Subconscious Mind (SC) and the Higher Self (HS), and how can we tap into their wisdom?
According to Dolores Cannon, the Subconscious Mind (SC) is an integral part of human consciousness linked to the Source, often referred to as "God." It serves as the connective thread to a higher, universal wisdom.
On the other hand, the Higher Self (HS) embodies the all-encompassing wisdom of the soul, transcending human concepts, fears, patterns, material constraints, and the limitations of time and space. It represents the unfiltered essence, a connection to the Universe, radiating pure light, love, and creativity. Integrated into our subconscious mind, it possesses a comprehensive understanding of our identity and divine purpose.
The Higher Self maintains constant contact with us, but our receptiveness varies. Typically, we experience a stronger connection during sleep and meditative states. In our waking moments, this connection gets muffled by our ego, logical mind, limiting beliefs, and lower vibrational frequencies.
It's important to note that the Higher Self consistently acts in the client's best interest, offering wisdom and kindness to ensure a secure and enriching experience. Trusting in its guidance is key, as it navigates the journey with the client's highest good at heart.
Is hypnosis safe, and is there a risk of getting stuck in the hypnotic state?
Hypnosis is a safe technique that allows you to remain conscious and in control throughout the session. The notion of getting stuck in hypnosis is comparable to the impossibility of being trapped in a dream during sleep. During a hypnosis session, you may experience a state akin to a vivid daydream. Interestingly, people enter self-hypnotic states daily, often without realizing it. These trance-like feelings are familiar, occurring during activities like watching TV, reading a book, driving, or daydreaming, all characterized by focused attention.
Throughout the session, you'll maintain awareness of your surroundings, much like when you hear sounds while immersed in an engaging activity. Each person's experience is unique, but the common outcome is a profound sense of relaxation. Many individuals leave the session feeling rejuvenated, occasionally buzzing with energy, and overall, in a positive state of well-being.
Will I relinquish control over my words or actions during a session?
Rest assured, you will never engage in behaviors that go against your best interests or values. Any concerns your conscious mind may have can be openly discussed during the pre-session interview, providing an opportunity to address and alleviate any apprehensions. Trust and respect form the foundation of the hypnosis process, ensuring a secure and comfortable environment throughout the experience.
What if I have doubts about past lives?
In the hypnosis session, the Higher Self communicates by crafting a scenario, often presented as a "past life" or a memory from your current lifetime. Your Higher Self takes the lead in orchestrating the session, determining the narrative it presents to you. The unfolding story might be unexpected, as it doesn't follow the logical patterns your mind might anticipate. Embracing the unpredictability of the session can lead to surprising and insightful outcomes beyond what your logical mind might envision.
For whom is quantum healing?
Answer: Quantum healing is beneficial for individuals seeking holistic approaches to well-being, exploring the mind-body connection, and open to alternative healing modalities. It may particularly appeal to those interested in energy medicine and the idea that the mind can influence physical health. However, individuals who prefer conventional medical treatments or are skeptical of metaphysical concepts may not find quantum healing suitable for their needs. As with any modality, it's essential to consult with healthcare professionals for personalized advice and to ensure compatibility with individual beliefs and preferences.
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